Find that beautiful handmade piece that you want from the Indie Gift Box Shop. We have here hundreds of works from different artists and artisan communities from all over the world. Just choose what you want from the categories below:

Gift Boxes

Get a gift box delivered to you, to a friend or a loved one. We prepare indie gift box of different small arts and crafts that will surely delight you. Of course, the contents are a surprise but you can choose from different themes which include: LOVE Fever, Halloween Special, Librarian Secrets, Best Friend Surprise, among others. Choose what you want now.

Arts and Crafts

Interested in specific pieces? Find it in our arts and crafts section. Here we have handmade products that feature paintings, murals, paper flowers, stuffed toys, handmade photo frames, paper cranes and more. You can choose from hundreds of products and designs. If you want anything custom crafted for you, let us know and we can arrange that.


We have unique jewelry that will definitely appeal to you. Handcrafted by some of the finest artists from different parts of the world, our jewelry range are made from different stones, metals, and even leather and feathers. Just select what you think best suits you. Or we can create custom pieces that will fit your personality.

Home and Office Decors

We have lots of home and office decors that we can offer you. These include small figurines or sculptures made from ceramics, china, metal, paper mache and more. Choose what you want from our gallery. We assure you that these are made from the highest quality materials and are definitely durable. Try them out for yourself.

Small furniture

Update the look of your home with our small, artisanal furniture pieces. We assure you that our products will give your home a bold statement.