If you do, then Indie Gift Box is for you. We work with artists and craftsmen and women to bring you all beautiful handmade things, from food, to jewelry, to art, to home and office d├ęcor, even small furniture, among others. All the things that we carry in our store are made from the finest ingredients or materials and have been lovingly crafted, some by the best garage door service in Albuquerque.

Indie Gift Box is proud to bring all of our collection of beautiful handmade products because we believe not just in the beauty and quality of all these products. Most importantly, we know that each and every handmade material that we offer come from sustainable materials and have been made with love.

We offer the following:

Delicious food made from recipes that span generations

We offer you baked goodies and food that have been lovingly made by our group of women food artisans, from traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Taste what makes our breads, cookies, cakes, pastries and bottled products really good.

Beautiful artisanal jewelry

We bring you wonderful jewelry pieces that are truly unique. Handcrafted from the best stones and metals such as silver and gold, you will never find pieces that are exactly the same. We are known to produce jewelry that give that bold fashion statement. Our pieces have graced the cover of magazines and have been worn and modeled by celebrities.

Unique home and office decors

Are you looking for wonderful art to grace your living room or your office wall? Look into our gallery and get the best home and office decors that are truly unique. We offer various paintings, wall hangings, sculptures, metal and ceramic pieces and the like that can serve as beautiful conversation pieces. These decors have been sourced from various artists around the world.

Small furniture

Do you want to be the talk of the town? If yes, shop from our small furniture pieces. We at Indie Gift Box offer small pieces of furniture that are also works of art. Do you want a beautiful divan? What about a sculpture-type lamp? We have all of that and more. Look through our gallery to see our beautiful pieces of furniture that will stand out in any room.

You can choose to buy any of our handmade pieces or you can choose to have a gift box sent to your address on a monthly or quarterly basis. Doing that will ensure that you will have access to our limited collections. We assure you that everything we have are beautifully crafted and of the highest quality possible. Our pieces are something that you will cherish and treasure for years to come. Invest in our handmade indie gift boxes now. We are sure that you will never regret it as you will be amazed at all the beautiful handcrafted pieces that we will send you.