Crafts for a Cause

  Before anything else, let me share this: I am a development worker, my advocacies are women empowerment and protecting the environment, and I love crafts. Now, I will tell you how all these factors worked together and the role that Indie Gift Box played in it.  I have always loved doing arts and crafts. I was fascinated when I learned how to crochet and sew because they allowed me to create new stuff. I would make my own school costumes, accessories, and sometimes even clothes that I wear. My friends often admired my works so I made sure to make something for them too which I gave to them during their birthdays or Christmas. And I could see and feel that they really appreciated what I did for them.   Years passed and it became more than just a hobby for me. I wanted to take it further. During my fieldwork as a development worker where we buy houses fast california, I met a group of women in a poor neighborhood in a suburban community. They said they knew how to crochet plastic bags into purses, mats, and other things. I was so amazed at their work when they showed them to me. And I was committed to helping them because I saw the potential of what they were doing. It was also close to my heart because aside from doing beautiful handmade pieces, they were also able to help the environment by recycling old plastic bags and turning them into something useful. Their group leader was very hard working. She would coordinate with business establishments to give them their used plastic bags. Their group would even collect plastic bags from the trash and clean them so that they would have materials for their craft. I really admired their dedication to help the environment and also to help their families with the income that they get from crocheting plastic bags. The only gap in their endeavor was marketing so that more people could see and buy their products. They would just sell their products on bazaars during community events. That is why I was so happy when my colleague introduced me to Indie Gift Box. It was the answer to our prayers. Now, they do not just cater to the local market but their products are able to reach different parts of the world. I am so proud of this women’s organization who did not just want to earn money but also did their best to help take care of the environment. I am so amazed at the work of their hands, with the intricate designs that they still come up with. They are able to express their creativity and come up with both classy and chic designs out of the used plastic bags. It is no wonder that all their collections are selling fast.   Thank you Indie Gift Box for challenging them to do better. Thank you for letting the world.know about their work. Thank you for all the support that you give them and their families. I am sure they are now better off but much more than the financial aspect, I am happy because their hard work is appreciated in different parts of the world. 

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